Window Seat Views - Indian Rivers

A lot of my time is spent either on field walking and documenting, or at my workstation processing and putting out that information. But all my time on flights is spent 'stuck to the window' - trying to locate and identify any geographical features I possibly can.

Sharing here, a few snapshots of rivers that I've taken while on commercial flights within India - and one over Bangladesh, while flying from Kolkata to Imphal.

Hasdeo River meeting the Mahanadi, right after which they're impounded behind a barrage.
Mula river, Akole Teshil, Maharashtra, a tributary of the Godavari River.
Mahananda River, North Bengal
Vamsadhara river flowing through Gudari range, Odisha.
River Krishna, flowing towards the East Coast in Andhra Pradesh.
The Madhumati River upstream of Khulna in riverine country, Bangladesh.
The Dudhi river, as it flows out of the Satpura National Park, flowing North to meet the Narmada at Pansi.
Wetlands and River Ganga / Bhagirathi / Hooghly, close to Kolkata, West Bengal.

Come back next week for more aerial views of Indian rivers.

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